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Jumpin’ Jaks, Rank

Jan 1998

The Jumpin’ Jaks name, brand, theme and story-line was a concept created by SPACE & PLACE on behalf of Rank Leisure for live music venues in Romford, Nottingham and Bournemouth and also to complement their night clubs at Hemel Hempstead, Southampton, Swansea.  The design made great use of the space with bars; dance floors and eating areas strategically positioned around the main entertainment stage.

Themed materials were displayed on the timber walls and ceiling and the concept was energised and highlighted by the extensive use of neon signs and simple signage.

Jumpin’ Jaks proved to be a great success and as a result this live music concept, with a capacity of 1,000, went through a programmed roll-out across the UK by S&P.

The sale of Rank Leisure to Northern Leisure and then to Luminar has since strengthened the Jaks brand and this venue now appears in more cities and towns throughout the UK.

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