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Harpenden Leisure & Cultural Centre

Jun 2021

Space & Place is leading the design and delivery of a new leisure and cultural centre for St Albans City and District Council. This new development will be created from the conversion and expansion of the existing dry sports facility.  The £18.8M new centre will provide additional sports and leisure facilities while an adjacent new theatre/arts centre will provide a modern and inclusive cultural centre.  The scheme also includes a revitalised landscaped public realm area.

S&P embraced the client’s vision  for an expanded leisure offering all on one site, combining sports with an  arts and cultural hub. We developed exciting plans for the  leisure and cultural centre providing:- A box office with café /bar; new  theatre/auditorium (511 seats); retractable bleacher seating; changing rooms/green rooms; audio visual technical room; 3  x multi-function rooms; museum space and associated back of house theatre facilities.

This project will also enable the relocation of activities currently performed in Harpenden Public Halls thereby releasing that site for further community development.

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