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Gateshead International Stadium

Jun 2010

SPACE & PLACE was approached in 2008 to review and redesign a number of factors which affected the efficient running and operation of the stadium in Gateshead, and the quality of facilities provided for spectators and athletes.

Successfully completed in 2010 with S&P’S design and involvement, the project provided a new focus for the stadium, by way of a new larger entrance and hospitality / media provision. The new entrance is highly transparent to enable the inner workings of the new building to be seen by visitors approaching from the enhanced plaza space.

The stadium now not only accommodates athletic events and college facilities, but also rugby and football teams as well as outdoor concerts.

The stadium now has a capacity of 11,800 of which 7,300 are seated under cover, many these seats being under the new fabric roof to the east stand.

  • Community
  • Leisure
  • Sport