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Copyright Gateshead Council.
Copyright Gateshead Council.
Copyright Gateshead Council.
Copyright Gateshead Council.

Blaydon Pool & Primary Care Trust

Jun 2010

Blaydon Pool and Primary Care Trust (PCT) development is a joint project for Gateshead Council and Sunderland PCT. Both parties had initially searched for and considered the eventual site for their respective projects. This is located within a residential area with many mature trees and adjacent nature reserve. Ultimately the parties joined forces for the combined development, from which both cost and practical benefits have resulted. For example, savings made have funded the large joint atrium reception space running full length through the building.

The pool area incorporates:

  • 25m main swimming pool
  • 13m learner pool
  • 100 seat spectator area
  • Wet and dry change areas
  • Gymnasium
  • Multi-purpose hall. The PCT incorporates:
  • Patient walk-in centre
  • Planned care and audiology departments
  • Diagnostics department
  • Rehabilitation care department
  • Office and administration area
  • Independent pharmacy.

The building is generally of two storey, with exterior stonework, coloured aluminium glazing and coloured ’standing seam’ roof.

Landscaped grounds with appropriate car and vehicle parking are provided.

A joint ’energy centre’ separated from the main building provides combined services, and has enabled energy savings and associated ’excellent’ BREEAM ratings.

Facilities for less-abled visitors are naturally fundamental to all parts of the development.

This project was successfully completed in June 2010 at a cost of £6.5million (Pool) / £11.5million (Primary Care Trust).

  • Community
  • Leisure
  • Mixed Use