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About Us

At SPACE & PLACE we believe in creating ‘Architecture for Human Beings’, it’s our mantra, it’s why we do what we do.

It’s not about us; it’s not all about awards or badges, (although we’re always most happy to receive them of course!) For us it’s about helping make a difference through the way people use the spaces and places we create.

Every single year the buildings we’ve designed and delivered are used over 100 Million times by every type of person. That’s a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of opportunity to nudge and influence; to create environments to improve everyone’s life experiences; and promote the re-thinking around improving community and economic benefit, sustainable energy, increased physical and mental wellbeing, better transport, good food and learning.

Our ‘space makers’ and ‘place makers’ are architects, engineers, designers and Building Information Modellers with a real sense of common purpose in recognising the social and economic importance of creating inspiring space and place that encourages communities to be more active and engaged.

Whilst we work across all sectors and all building types, we have a world class reputation of delivering great space and place that has sport at its heart, from grassroot developments through to major Olympic and Paralympic venues. Indeed the current Government guidance on sports infrastructure development, promoted by Sport England, was written by us.

We keenly promote, through public/private partnerships, initiatives for wider investment in buildings for community health and wellbeing. We work with national sports federations, funding bodies and International Governments on sport venue strategies, and we do it all with a focus on increasing participation and economic and environmental sustainability.

We love disrupters and innovators, we think anyone can change the world by showcasing the art of the possible; we do, by having great clients and a truly great team working with them.

We always achieve the very best outcomes for the people who use the space and place we create.